401(play) encourages work-life balanceOutski has developed an addition to an employer’s benefits package, or health and wellness program, called 401(play). The 401(play) plan promotes a healthy work-life balance while providing an effective way for employees to use their earned vacation time. In order to take advantage of the program, employees specify the amount of each paycheck to be put into their Vacation Savings Account.

Employers benefit in several ways, such as employing employees who use most or all of their vacation time and experience reduced stress and healthier lives, leading to fewer sick days. Employees that take more vacation time also experience reduced burn-out, are more efficient, have stronger workplace morale, and are more productive.

401(play) is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, and allows employees to have funds transferred directly from their paycheck into their own FDIC-insured Vacation Savings Account, or VSA.

The employee enrollment process takes only a few minutes to complete. Outski provides a template containing an enrollment link that employers send to their employees, and the employer processes the employees’ direct deposit forms as they are returned. Employees can execute their entire travel planning process directly through the Outski website.

Founder and CEO of Outski, Greg Nickolson, said, “It is a significant yet easily implemented or added tool to any corporate health and wellness program or employee benefit package. It provides a measurable way for an employer to make a positive impact on the health of their employees; making mental health just as important to an effective health and wellness plan as healthy eating and exercise.”

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