March 24, 2011

Outsourced Human Resources Survey

newsIn the United States, many conversations about the economy have been devoted to trying to figure out how to get more jobs to stay within the U.S. borders.  But who is this benefiting?  Do customers notice any detrimental changes when services, such as insurance, are shipped overseas? Among the top U.S. employers that choose to outsource its demanding HR jobs are the Federal Government and banks.  A recent survey determined that customers such as the government and banks were very satisfied with many of their transactions with outsourced human resource workers.

At the end of 2010, Datamonitor conducted an online survey of more than 800 HR Outsourcing (HRO) customers around the globe.  According to a press release from Aon Hewitt, the survey tried to determine if customers were satisfied with the services that were outsourced.  The results show Aon Hewitt as the number one HRO provider in 10 of 11 categories, such as problem resolution, partnership approach, risk mitigation, and skills and resources.  Aon Hewitt’s reputation was particularly strong in its overall customer satisfaction for HRO and benefits administration.

“Clearly, these results suggest Aon Hewitt is the front runner in the HRO and benefits administration space,” said Eamonn Kennedy, research director at Datamonitor. “Earning the top spot in 10 of 11 categories, and a number two ranking in the eleventh, speaks to the depth and breadth of Aon Hewitt’s solutions and expertise. In the rebounding HRO industry, Aon Hewitt is well positioned to benefit from the renewed interest.”

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