NewsService Inc Staffing (SIS) has released its 2012 payroll service that caters to small and large businesses with key goals to reduce costs and improve payroll management. Services that are offered are quarterly reports, payroll tax filing, direct deposit, online payroll data submission, W2 or 1099 processing fees, and time and labor management.

By streamlining the payroll process, productivity increases and administration becomes more simplified, allowing businesses to focus more on running the business. Timely reports such as employee records, tax filings, tax payments, and past pay stubs are available through mail or email.

According to Mike Caudill, VP of SIS, “Too many businesses fail because of simple errors or delinquent payments to the IRS. Our payroll services are simple and stress-free to the client and we’re not only in a position to help businesses with their tax needs, but also use the information to advise the client on ways to cut costs and improve the health and performance of their business.”

With 1 out of 3 businesses having to pay the a yearly penalty to the IRS, Services Inc. Staffing guarantees no penalties. With the aim of providing Human Resource Department’s more affordable monthly payroll than its competitors, SIS alleviates the pressure of having to attend to payroll.

For more information about SIS’s payroll services, visit

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