January 7, 2015

PeopleKeys to Offer Free DISC Webinar Series in 2015 to “Be a Better…”

free disc webinarPeopleKeys, a leading developer of DISC personality testing and behavioral analysis solutions, has announced the launching of a new webinar series in 2015, featuring monthly installments of live, interactive 30-minute DISC training sessions on the theme of “Be a Better ….” The webinars will include DISC strategies for personal growth and self-improvement, and will stream from Peoplekeys.com.

Upcoming installments of the new DISC “Be a Better…” free webinar series include:

How to be a Better You – Jan 23
How to be a Better Couple – February 13
How to be a Better Goal Setter – March 13
How to be a Better Employee – April 17
How to be a Better Parent – May 15
How to be a Better Friend – June 12
How to be a Better Vacationer – July 17
How to be a Better Coach – August 21
How to be a Better Test Taker – September 25
How to be a Better Encourager – October 23
How to be a Better Communicator – November 20
How to be a Better Stress Handler – December 18

Instructor for the new DISC webinar series, master DISC trainer John Schindell said, “The new webinar series will be geared towards the everyday DISC user, and will focus on personal growth and self-improvement through DISC. We’ve given each one a theme of ‘How to be a better [fill in the blank].’ Our hope is that people from all across the country, the world even, can come together to learn about DISC and the ways it can be used to change lives, improve careers, and build better relationships.”

All of the DISC “Be a Better…” webinars will begin at 1pm EST, the first of which will air on January 15. All webinars will be available on-demand the day after original airing.

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