gamification, provider of incentive programs that drive business success, released a new white paper entitled Let the Games Begin: A Game of Clue in the World of Engagement. This resource highlights the emerging, positive impact of gamification on employee engagement in addition to analyzing both the benefits and drivers of stakeholders. Mention of an internal survey conducted in the Spring 2014 collaboration between Perks and is featured throughout for accompanying reference.

Jeff Ford, CEO believes that when used correctly, game mechanics are an essential element of a successful engagement strategy:

“Most people enjoy rewards, especially via gamified applications. There is a certain familiarity attached to accomplishing a task and being rewarded points or tokens: video games, mobile apps, the list goes on. When applied correctly, game mechanics in an incentive program platform can yield amazing results; we’ve seen it first-hand. It’s all about adopting technology that is targeted to your audience and creating a contagious energy among workers using a common denominator: fun!”

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