December 9, 2013

Profiles International Launches QuickCheck Assessment Solution for High-Turnover Positions

quickcheck assessmentThe new QuickCheck assessment solution from Profiles International has been released to help recruiters, hiring managers, and other participants in the hiring process evaluate applicants for positions that are high volume with high turnover rates. These positions are typically those businesses rely on to build, sell, or maintain profit-generating products. The average turnover rate for hourly employees (about 60 percent of the U.S. workforce) has reached an annual 60 to 70 percent or higher, especially within industries such as call centers, manufacturing, restaurants, and hotels.

The QuickCheck assessment solution has been designed to help hiring managers meet the challenge of filling high-volume positions quickly and with a minimum expense. The tool helps attract and identify workers from the pool of candidates who meet basic pre-employment requirements. QuickCheck measures reasoning ability, productivity, people relations, and objective judgment against an organization’s pre-established guidelines to help improve hiring efficiency and the effectiveness and consistency of chosen candidates at positions that attract high numbers of applicants.

“QuickCheck helps organizations strike the right balance of cost per hire, candidate quality and cycle-time-to-fill for high-volume positions,” said Michael Wilk, vice president, corporate marketing, Profiles International. “With QuickCheck, hiring managers can make the right hire the first time, every time.”

Additional information and a complimentary demo are available at the company’s website.


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