cloud based web filtering solutionWeb-filtering company Rawstream has announced the launch of its next generation productivity software for small and medium sized businesses. The new workplace management software offers owners a high degree of visibility and enables them to keep abreast of every online action within their business. Rawstream gives businesses the ability to share apps like Dropbox and Google Drive and give visibility into who is using them. Rawstream also provides alerts if employees share documents that should not have been shared.

“For SMB owners, running a successful business can sometimes seem as complex as the workings of a Swiss watch,” said Rawstream Founder Brian Azzopardi. “Rawstream makes those workings visible. We’re like a transparent Swiss watch for a company’s activities.”

“In today’s business, thumb drives give way to online content sharing apps, such as Dropbox, making transparency and increasing productivity a challenge,” added Azzopardi. “Rawstream helps owners create an openness in the remote age that’s productive, no matter where employees are working.”

Some of the top productivity benefits provided by Rawstream include:

• Transparency into what employees are doing whether they are onsite or offsite.

• Gives traveling managers the ability to see what employees are working on in the office.

• Provides visibility into who is using Dropbox, the amount of storage used, the number of files used, and allows administrators to create alerts related to sensitive Dropbox documents.

• Viewing how much time employees are spending on non-work websites to improve productivity.

• Employees can see their own internet usage for self-management purposes.

• Managers can ration access to social media sites and block banned sites.

• Gives managers direct visibility on the business without relying on IT.


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