blue arrows extendingBrick River Technologies has announced the release of an automated data collection tool for gathering and analyzing key performance metrics in a matter of minutes. Known as TrendSend, the new tool is email and web-based and gathers performance metrics, generates trend reports, and offers a knowledge-sharing platform. Collected data are up to the minute to facilitate the creation of solutions with timely information.

“Most current performance metrics collection initiatives don’t deliver information fast enough,” says Paul Schneider, founder of Brick River. “TrendSend offers a real-time overview of vital performance indicators so you can manage towards solutions in time for a change to be effective.”

To collect individual metrics, organizations create questionnaires that are automatically sent to administrators via email to obtain a variety of metrics data. Admins then input data for each point, which is then collected and graphed in real time by TrendSend. Metrics can be added, removed, or changed as required from the information dashboard. In addition to sharing organization metrics, the dashboard helps users understand the meanings behind the data, share their personal insights, build a knowledge base that can be posted as tips and articles. Users may also create discussion areas for announcements, discussions, and other messages.

“The application is more than just numbers,” says Schneider. “It creates a culture where successes can be shared and duplicated within other areas of the organization. It’s a true collaboration space.”


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