newspaperIt’s common knowledge in recruiter circles that companies not educated in the conditions of the job market have a much more difficult time placing talent. This is the result of any number of reasons that cause ill-informed companies to lose candidates to competing firms. But, as discovered from a poll by Top Echelon of its network membership, one of the main reasons this happens is because these companies are not informed of up-to-date market conditions.

When poll participants were asked, “How educated do you believe your clients are about hiring in today’s market?” Top Echelon found:

• 9.4 percent reported their clients were very educated about market conditions;

• 64.1 percent reported their clients were somewhat educated; and

• 26.6 percent reported their clients were not educated at all.

The survey clearly indicates a need for recruiters to educate their clients with less than one in 10 clients possessing a good grasp of market trends; a number almost three times lower than the number of clients reported as being completely uneducated about the market.

According to Matt Deutsch, communications coordinator at Top Echelon, “The problem for recruiters is this: there are companies that are not in tune with market conditions. They’re not aware of the challenges and obstacles that exist in terms of successfully finding and recruiting the talent they want. It’s not simply a matter of posting a job opening on the Internet or looking for candidates on LinkedIn. There are other challenges that exist, and unless companies recognize them and are proactive in their efforts to overcome them, then they could be missing out on the chance to hire top-notch candidates . . . and they might not even know it.”

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