betterEven from quarter to quarter, executive recruiters can experience significant ebbs and flows in activity, regardless of current economic trends. But according to a recruitment survey carried out by Top Echelon Network, as the economy very much remains in a recovery stance, 40 percent of recruiters experienced a better first quarter in 2013 than last year. Specifically, members of Top Echelon’s elite recruitment network were asked the question, “How does your overall ‘cash-in’ for the first quarter of 2013 compared to the first quarter of last year?”

A solid quarter of respondents reported that their cash-in was up over 20 percent over the year and an additional 16.7 percent said that it was up between 1 and 20 percent. However, 19.4 percent of survey participants reported a stagnant cash-in while 22.2 percent indicated that their cash-in was down between 1 and 20 percent and 16.7 percent said it was down by over 20 percent. Mark Demaree, president of Top Echelon, interprets the results as indicating an overall increase in hiring needs within the marketplace and stated:

“Regardless of the economy overall, there are many industries in which there’s an urgent need on the part of companies to fill certain positions,” said Demaree. “Our recruiters help these companies fill those positions with the highest caliber, most qualified candidates available. These are candidates for which companies are gladly willing to pay a recruiting fee, and for 40% of Top Echelon Network recruiters, they’re paying that fee more often.”

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