May 16, 2013

Recruiters: Change the Way you do Email with Zoho MailMagnet

magnetThe way people communicate today has drastically changed due to the rise of technology and social media. Traditional means of communication, such as talking on the phone, sending hand-written letters, and even talking face-to-face, are slowly being replaced with technology. We Skype, Facetime, text, send Tweets and Facebook messages, but what about email? Has social media, videos, text and SMS replaced marketing and communicating via email?

Although many might think the answer is yes, research proves otherwise:

Most of the world’s email traffic comes from the corporate world. In 2012, the number of businesses emails sent and received per day totaled 89 billion. This figure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 13% over the next four years, reaching over 143 billion by year end 2016. (Email Statistics Report,  2012-2016, The Radicati Group. Inc)

eMarketer expects there to be 216.6 million US email users this year, representing 89% of total internet users. Two out of three people in the US will be email users in 2013. (eMarketer, “US Internet Users 2013: Solid, Saturated Market for Web, Search and Email”)

The total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts in 2012 to over 4.3 billion accounts by year end 2016. This represents an average annual growth rate of 6 % over the next four years. (Email Statistics Report, 2012-2016, The Radicati Group. Inc)

It’s clear to see that email is not dead, but actually growing. And that is no different in the recruitment world.

Everyday recruiters can receive hundreds of emails in their inboxes, and it can be a daunting and lengthy task to sort through them. Don’t you wish there was a tool allowing you to easily sort through your incoming mail, filtering away spam and/or irrelevant emails and only displaying the emails you want when you want them? Applicant tracking system and recruitment software provider Zoho Recruit has a great tool that will allow you to do just that.

Zoho MailMagnet is a cool new feature that acts like a “magnet for emails.” When users turn on MailMagnet for Zoho Recruit, it instantly looks at his/her inbox and presents only those emails that are relevant for the recruiter depending on which candidate/contact he/she is working on.

“Who knows best about the candidates/contacts you are working on?” the company asked. “It’s not your email system – it’s your Recruitment system. So expecting your email system to prioritize your email for you is nonsense – it should be your Recruitment system.”

The worldwide company helps companies run their business processes, manage information and be more productive through online business, productivity and collaboration applications. The site,, has launched 25+ online applications — from CRM to Mail, Office Suite, Project Management, Invoicing, Web conferencing and more.

Zoho Recruit said it desires to change the way recruiters use email, i.e. doing email within their recruitment system in the long term. Zoho Recruit’s Mail Magnet feature “intelligently scans your inbox” and then notifies recruiters of the emails from their candidates and client contacts in Zoho Recruit. Users can also reply to emails and view attachments all from within MailMagnet.

The ATS and recruiting software company also has a “Mail Add-On” feature, which allows recruiters to keep track of all incoming and outgoing candidate/contact messages from within the Zoho Recruitment System. Yet, this tool didn’t quite solve the problem of filtering out irrelevant emails (those not from candidates/clients) nor did it do so directly inside Zoho Recruit.

“We’re combining what, until today, was the Mail Add-On and this brand-new functionality into the new Zoho MailMagnet. Existing Mail Add-On customers will get this automatically, at no additional cost,” the company said. “It’s important to note that MailMagnet works with pretty much any modern email provider you might have – Zoho Mail, Gmail, Google Apps, your ISP, etc.”

According to Zoho Recruit, MailMagnet is not just a feature:

“It signals our vision and aim to change the way recruiters interact with their email,” the company said.

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