Resume Matching SoftwareMIIAtech, a next generation search and analysis software company, has recently launched Goldfish, an innovative job and resume search and matching software platform designed for recruiters and HR professionals. The software tool allows users to quickly and accurately match candidates to open positions.

“Recruiters and HR managers are often overwhelmed with trying to sift through tens of thousands of resumes in order to find the best matches. At best, the process is tedious and inefficient,” said Stephen Lernout, CEO, MIIAtech. “Our new GoldFish application leverages the latest natural language processing technology to help HR professionals accomplish more with less.”

Goldfish uses MIIAtech’s “Tautona” technology – an advanced multi-lingual Natural Language Processing platform that can understand the meaning behind searches to deliver better, more accurate results than traditional keyword-based search or text mining applications. GoldFish’s resume search technology is capable of scanning multiple databases across various platforms and devices, even offering cross-lingual search functionality. The enterprise software application allows questions to be asked in one language while searches are performed in another. Additionally, recruiters and HR Managers can search across multi-lingual resume databases and receive results back in their preferred or matching language.

“Keyword search frequently produces inaccurate results due to its lack of understanding. ¬†For example, a search for a French-speaking candidate may return resumes of individuals who lived in France or worked for a French-based company,” said Lernout. “Another example we’ve tested is with HR professionals searching for a candidate with a specific title, such as content management specialist. Using a traditional keyword search, users receive only candidates with that exact title in their resume. Alternatively, GoldFish analyzes what a content management specialist does and returns candidates who have those qualifications, even if previous job titles were different.”

GoldFish resume search and matching software is available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis or for installation on a customer’s server. The solution is currently being debuted this week at the 14th Annual HR Technology Conference Exposition in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Hotel, booth #665.

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