people in bubbleAccording to a survey from premium men’s footwear provider Allen Edmonds, just half of young male professionals “wear the right shoes” to interviews and may suffer the consequences of making a poor impression. The survey of over 1,000 professionals, both male and female, revealed some interesting tidbits on the workplace shoe-wearing habits of the younger generations. Young men, in particular were found to suffer from their lack of concern over their choice of footwear.

Some key findings obtained from the survey include:

• 80 percent of hiring managers agree that shoes are “extremely important,” while only 51 percent say young men being interviewed for a job wear appropriate shoes.

• 75 percent of male respondents said that they wear appropriate shoes in a business formal situation and 77 percent reported that they wear appropriate footwear in business casual situations.

• Just 44 percent of male executives and 54 percent of female executives think that young men wear appropriate shoes for formal settings.

• Three-quarters of hiring managers said that choice of shoes is indicative of a candidate’s attention to detail, confidence, and cultural fit.

Professional male respondents to the survey felt that shoes are 30 percent more important to making a good impression at an interview than a suit (76 percent to 46 percent). Eight out of ten executives and nearly 70 percent of young male professionals prefer American-made shoes with a comfortable fit and professional look.


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