saba augments platform with machine learningSaba’s next-generation cloud solution is now receiving machine learning technology for its open, standards-based talent management platform. The company is also continuing to enhance end-user engagement and other features such as its social, mobile, and core learning functionality. The platform incorporates enterprise social networking technology and big data with machine learning for better understanding user preferences.

The set of algorithms used by the platform help the software understand things such as a user’s likes and aspirations in order to guide the user on a personalized development path. Thus, the Saba Cloud continuously learns about evolving end-user needs and provides recommendations about people, content, and intangibles that help employees be more productive and effective with their career development decisions. The platform also constantly and automatically provides users with relevant content without the need for a manual search.

“We continue to deliver innovation in our Saba Cloud platform to enhance what we believe is the most scalable, secure and intelligent in the industry,” said Shawn Farshchi, interim CEO at Saba. “Our more than 11.1 million cloud-based users, across the globe, are benefiting from Saba’s approach to talent management, one that focuses on people development and empowerment in the new world of work.”

Saba has also enhanced other areas of its talent management platform including social, mobile, learning, and engagement. The Saba Cloud now allows clients to turn social features on and off to suit their preference and has the capability to record high-definition video for social sharing. The mobile offering gives access to virtual classroom sessions and meetings along with tracking learning activities such as on-the-job-training, group collaboration, and discussion participation. Saba has built-in social, mobile, and collaboration technologies combined with learning including traditional, mobile, social, and unified virtual classrooms. Finally, Saba’s design provides personalized and engaging user-experiences with social rewards and feedback such as badges, impression, sentiment analysis and more.


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