logoEnterprise cloud-computing company has unveiled, a first ever social advertising application that connects customer relationship management (CRM) with social advertisement and social listening. With, brands can utilize social ad campaigns on major social networks using real-time social listening data. As part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, joins other cloud-based marketing solution such as Salesforce Radian6 (social listening app) and Salesforce Buddy Media (publishing app).

“Today is doubling down on social ads,” said Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, “Social ads cannot be disconnected from your business. By bringing together with the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce CRM, and the world’s #1 social listening application, Radian6, we’ve made it possible for marketers to connect social advertising with their customer data and real-time trends to maximize return from their advertising dollars.” is a self-service app for agencies, brands, and other advertising organizations who desire to create, optimize, and automate their social ad campaigns. With the tool, brands can:

• Build and launch social ad campaigns to reach users on any Internet-connect device with the options to test targeting and placement combinations in order to ensure the most relevant and localized ads. Facebook and Twitter may also be levered to identify the most relevant content for advertising.

• Marketers can monitor a campaign in real-time using tracking and analysis metrics while receiving immediate performance feedback based on specified goals. optimizes campaigns automatically based on independently defined goals.

• Social ad campaign expenditures may also be adjusted automatically as can spend allocations, all by defining rules for making real-time optimization decisions across one or all ad campaigns.

Additional news and details are available on the blog.

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