next gen workforce management saasScheduleSoft, a leading provider of workforce management solutions, has announced the release of Workloud, a cloud-based SaaS workforce management product. Workloud enables organizations to control every aspect of workforce management and reducing the size and costs of IT. ScheduleSoft’s demand-driven workforce scheduling has been expanded with Workloud and now covers time and attendance, payroll export, time clocks, and mobile applications. Workloud is delivered via enterprise-class, scalable SaaS technology for businesses of all sizes and complexity.

“In today’s competitive marketplace it’s essential for organizations to have real-time visibility into how efficient their labor deployment is both in terms of unit labor cost and overall labor utilization within their facilities, across competing manufacturing locations, and compared to their industry and regional peers,” said Greg Flessas, CEO and Founder of ScheduleSoft. “Food and beverage manufacturers are striving to reduce inventory by only producing what has already been sold. What they need is the ability to staff exactly the required labor to execute on that plan. Workloud really is a game changer. It gives enterprise managers the tools and data to make more cost-effective production decisions and right-size their largest controllable cost of production: labor.”

Workloud aligns labor supply with production, eliminates “just in case” labor, and adds time collection and management tools alongside a gross-pay calculation engine, attendance policy compliance tools, and ad-hoc analytics. The solution is packaged for rapid development and long-term sustainability.

“ScheduleSoft has always been known for providing the most comprehensive scheduling solutions in the manufacturing marketplace. With Workloud, we have not only expanded the scope of our offering to encompass the full range of activities from punch-in to payroll export, but can now deliver the benefits that come from deploying in the SaaS world – increased configurability, enhanced support, scalable technology and reduced IT investment,” continues Flessas. “We have maintained our focus on delivering cost reduction to demand-driven businesses of all sizes, and have reduced the economic barrier of entry significantly with Workloud.”


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