BuildingsWhen you think “flexible job,” what usually comes to mind? Probably some sort of telecommuting role, right? Something in content marketing, maybe – it’s pretty easy to write some blog posts and run social media accounts from any laptop, isn’t it?

So, if you’re in search of a flexible job, you may spend all your time looking for roles like this.

As it turns out, in doing so, you’re greatly limiting your opportunities. See, the folks at FlexJobs recently spent some time scouring their database of job postings from the past year to see what kinds of jobs actually fit into the “flexible job” category.

Some of the results are genuinely shocking – who new roles like “senior marine scientist” or “threat researcher” could be flexible?

Below, we offer FlexJobs’ entire list of the “50 Most Surprising Flexible Jobs in 2015.” You can also view the list on FlexJobs’ site, if you’d prefer.

But, no matter where you view it, remember: If you want a flexible job, you may want to try your hand at one of these career paths.

(Note: FlexJobs defines “flexible job” as “a job that has a telecommuting, flexible schedule, freelance, seasonal, contract or part-time component.”)

50 Most Surprising Jobs with Flexibility of 2015, by Industry

1. Nonprofit & Philanthropy

- Organic Handler Certification Specialist

- National Director of Social Events

- Carbon Trading and Coal Cap Policy Analyst

- Family Partner

- National Wolf Campaign Director

2. Science and Pharma

- Senior Marine Scientist

- Anatomic Pathologist

- Cardiac Genetic Counselor

- Nanomaterial Research Scientist

- Clinical Team Leader

3. Sports & Leisure

- Virtual PE/Health Teacher

- English Game Operator

- Football Head Scout

- Race Official

- Coordinator of Baseball Operations

4. Medical & Health

- Child Welfare Practice Leader Vice President

- Registered Pharmacist

- Biomedical Photographer

- Vice President of Clinical Coding

- Indigenous Birthing and Ambulatory Health Worker

5. Education

- Cerner Lab Workflow Analyst

- Career Pastry Chef Instructor

- French Studio Coach

- Traffic Safety Modeler

- Teacher Education Evaluator

6. Law and Government

- Senior Air-to-Ground Operations Executive

- Democracy Program Attorney

- Arabic News Monitor

- Senior Trial Counsel

- Innovation Fellow

7. Business

- Director of Talent Acquisition

- Data Forensics Solution Architect Vice President

- Head of Trading

- Office Furniture Product Reviewer

- Threat Researcher

8. Food

- Chocolatier

- Test Kitchen Chef

- Food Stylist

- Gender Consultant

- Indoctrination Specialist

9. Writing, Editing, & Communication

- Editor, Mathematics

- Comic Book Layout Artist

- SEC Football Writers

- Asia Correspondent

- Museum Communications Project Manager

10. Entertainment & Media

- Panel Membership Recruiter

- Irish Ensemble

- Boat Captain

- Puppeteer

- Cruise Captain

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