secondwind offers full service recruitment programA newly available full-service recruitment program designed for the advertising and marketing industries has been released by Second Wind, a national association of advertising, marketing, graphic design, PR, and interactive firms. Called Right Fit Recruiting, the program uses interviewing and testing to evaluate each candidate before presenting him or her to an agency. Right Fit provides everything required in hiring a new employee, including job-description creation, ad writing, using recruitment channels, resume collection, screening and vetting candidates, interviewing and testing, and assistance with generating an appropriate job offer.

Tony Mikes, managing director at Second Wind, stated, “Our 25 years of industry experience allows us to pinpoint candidates that fit advertising and marketing industry needs. We will do the legwork for you and be by your side every step of the way, from writing the job description to writing the offer.”

Right Fit may be used at any point of the hiring process. For example, it can skip directly to the interviewing and testing step should a candidate already be chosen. Right Fit then presents an agency with a comprehensive dossier including test results and comments from the intelligence and temperament testing process. Right Fit also works when evaluating internal hires where it applies the same process.

An additional feature, Right Fit Team Testing, provides testing and analysis by Second Wind staff who provide a report an analysis of each candidate/employee giving agencies a better understanding of how an individual thinks and interacts. Such analysis is useful for determining both the communication style and personal motivations of individual employees.


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