December 13, 2011

Group Services Releases Free Guide On Self-Funded Health Plans

NewsA free guide on self-funded health insurance plans is now available through Group Services in order to assist companies understand the risks and advantages of self-funded health insurance plans. Group Services, Inc. is a company that specializes in group health insurance, 401K administration, and more.

With health insurance options sometimes being hard to understand, Group Services has created an insightful guide for understanding the complexity of choosing the best health insurance to meet the needs of a company and employees.

There are many differences between insured and self-insured plans. Group Services conducts an analysis between the two and advises companies of their best bet for benefit plans. The guide will help explain which companies will benefit the most with self-funded health insurance, how stop-loss insurance works, and the risks associated with self-funded health insurance.

Group Services assists hundreds of companies find the best benefit plans to increase profitability and success. Other services offered are downloadable resources and complimentary workshops. To learn more and to download “Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans: What You Need to Know”, visit

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