next gen hrmsSilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions, has announced the release of its next generation Human Resources Management System (HRMS). SilkRoad HRMS is a way for companies to manage their employee data with the added benefit of easily integrating with payroll, time off, and benefits systems as well as the rest of the SilkRoad Life Suite of talent management solutions.

I am very proud of what the SilkRoad product and development teams have achieved with this release,” said John Shackleton, President and CEO of SilkRoad. “SilkRoad HRMS will provide small to medium businesses with a new secure and powerful tool to manage employee data across multiple locations and divisions.”

Product highlights on the new solution include:

  • A centralized location for record keeping and managing organizational data across the SilkRoad Life Suite.
  • A simplified workforce management by importing and exporting key data for mass uploads and mass updates.
  • Eliminating guesswork of employee data changes with an audit trail view.
  • Providing real time insights of desired data by exporting any filtered information.
  • Streamlined administration of benefits, time off, and payroll.
  • LeverageSilkRoad partners in the Talent App Exchange to enhance your HRMS and talent management system.

SilkRoad HRMS provides organizations with the ability and flexibility to manage all data in one secure location. The HRMS dashboard entry grants access to all functionality, including:

  • Data entry, modifications and corrections right on the screen.
  • Import and export of key data including mass upload and mass updates.
  • View of data over time.

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