Silkroad technology logoSilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based social talent management software, just announced its partnership with HR survey/analytics authority Nobscot Corporation. The joint venture combines SilkRoad’s RedCarpet® HR onboarding system with Nobscot’s automated FirstDays new hire/quality of hire surveys enabling companies to optimize their HR and recruitment policies and procedures.

Now RedCarpet customers can use FirstDays and Nobscot’s WebExit (an exit interview management system) to “identify and correct irritants that can cause costly employee attrition.” Reversely, FirstDays and WebExit customers can now use RedCarpet to assist in solving problems identified by Nobscot surveys.

“The mission of our RedCarpet software solution is to help companies improve their onboarding, recruiting and retention strategies. Nobscot’s new hire and exit interview survey platforms complement that objective perfectly,” Flip Filipowski, executive chairman and co-CEO of SilkRoad, said. “This partnership gives our customers valuable new tools for measuring employee satisfaction, evaluating new hire quality, and combating turnover.”

Utilizing both products in the new partnership allows companies to:

  • Receive continuous feedback about new hires’ RedCarpet experience
  • Address problems uncovered in FirstDays and WebExit
  • Access applications from both companies with a single login, enabling easy switching between both tool accounts
  • Trigger FirstDays and WebExit surveys from RedCarpet, including time-saving automatic population of employee data into the both survey systems
  • Access customizable questions to meet individual company needs
  • With a single click, examine survey results by department, division, location, gender and company wide

“Using our new hire, quality-of-hire and exit surveys in conjunction with SilkRoad’s RedCarpet platform will shed light on problems ranging from mistaken expectations about the job and company to unwelcoming co-workers, weak on-the-job training and other reasons for early attrition,” Beth N. Carvin, president and CEO of Nobscot, said. “Identifying these kinds of problems is the first step to correcting them and paving the way for increased employee retention.”

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