job openings increased in augustSimply Hired released its September 2014 U.S. Employment Outlook report, which found that nationwide job openings grew 4.52 percent month-over-month in August 2014. This is a significant jump from the 1.74 percent increase reported by Simply Hired for July 2014. In this same period, approximately four out of five industries posted gains, led by construction (18.05 percent) and military (12.61 percent).

“In particular, job listings have surged nearly 6% in the New York area with significant opportunities in the financial services, retail and technology sectors.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Twenty-four of the 25 largest US metros saw an increase in job openings between July and August 2014. Boston (6.47 percent), New York (5.98 percent) and Detroit (5.85 percent) posted the greatest gains of this group.
  • Job openings increased in 15 out of 18 industries in August 2014, with construction (18.05 percent) and military (12.61 percent) showing the largest gains. Government (-4.42 percent) saw decreases during this period.
  • Sales representative roles (excluding retail) increased. Nearly all occupation categories (47 out of 54) posted month-over-month growth in job openings in August 2014, led by sales representatives (excluding retail) (10.27 percent) and social scientist (9.89 percent) roles. Lawyers (-13.18 percent) roles faced the largest decline in August 2014.
  • Nearly one-half of the top posting companies in August 2014 were healthcare-related (approximately 65 company locations), making healthcare the top posting industry. There were also a significant number of job openings at financial services and academic institutions.

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