prehire 360 adds energy competency clusterPre-Hire 360 inventor SkillSurvey has announced the addition of “Workplace Health and Safety” competency cluster for power, oil, gas, and other industrial employers who need to identify safety-focused candidates. The company is also releasing job-specific surveys to support hiring within these industries.

“This new safety cluster will help hiring managers identify whether a candidate cares about safety on the job, based on assessments from prior co-workers and managers – the most important indicator there is,” said Ray Bixler, president and CEO of SkillSurvey, Inc. “Safety in the workplace comes down to the people you hire. That’s why hiring the right staff is the single most important driver of success and a risk-free work environment.”

Pre-Hire 360 allows hiring managers to evaluate a candidate’s past performance based on job-specific assessments provided by prior managers, co-workers, and direct reports. SkillSurvey offers more than 350 job-specific surveys for improved screening prior to interviews and to shrink the applicant pool. Assessments are typically available within two days with an average of at least four references providing responses.

The addition of the new cluster allows hiring managers to use Pre-Hire 360 to identify candidates with a commitment to health and safety behaviors. The assessments cover field employees along with engineers and managers. The first round of surveys in the new cluster include: derrickhand, floorhand/roustabout, petroleum engineer, chemical engineer, environmental health and safety manager, skilled trades worker, and truck driver.


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