SwipeJust as we share files through the virtual pipelines, we want (and need) recruitment software to be easy and efficient. Following wider trends in the consumerization of technology, members of the HR field now demand quick and simple platforms. Attention spans are shrinking, and recruiters, candidates, and HR professionals are not immune. As a result, many would rather adopt “plug and play” tactics instead of using arduous platforms that take weeks to integrate and understand.

Such plug-and-play tactics are especially useful when working with limited resources — which many hiring authorities are doing. (Consider that recruiters only spend an average of six seconds on each resume they look at.)

So, how can we make recruiting technology even simpler than it is?

New Lover or New Job?

Digital recruiting has adopted processes similar to popular dating apps like Tinder — e.g., swipe right for a new employee! This recruiting tactic may seem silly now, but given how many people use Tinder these days (50 million a month, according to some estimates), it’s likely that we’ll have no problem getting used to recruiting software with dating-app-inspired interfaces.

CoupleThis recruitment adaptation caters to the shortening human attention span. Because we are more likely to engage with visual content than text-heavy content, visual and physical “swiping” actions are easily processed in our brains. In fact, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than simple text content.

Consumerization Welcomes All Devices

Don’t worry, the desktop isn’t (completely) outdated — yet. The consumerization of the increasingly digital recruiting process currently welcomes all devices with open arms, thanks to the cloud.

In January of 2014, mobile app usage accounted for more Internet traffic than PCs did for the first time in American history. With this increase in mobile usage, app-based recruiting technologies become ideal because recruiters can take them virtually anywhere.

Will My Candidates Follow

Ninety-four percent of recruiters believe LinkedIn is the best network to vet candidates. Let’s say a recruiter finally decides to recruit socially rather than through recruiting software. Will their candidates follow the trend? Does social recruiting and app-based recruitment actually work?

FollowNot to fret: 89 percent of recruiters have already hired at least one candidate via LinkedIn, so it looks like the answer is “yes.”

Your candidates already use the Web for research purposes. Roughly 10,200,000 applicants have found their current positions via LinkedIn within the past few years. If you have a robust and renowned employer brand on social media, candidates will find you. In fact, they’re already searching for you:

  • 76 percent of them want to find out what makes your company an attractive place to work;
  • 60 percent want to learn about your mission, values, and vision;
  • and 55 percent are just looking for some basic company information!

We are in the era of mobile apps and easy-to-use, accessible information. The recruiting department has finally begun to adapt to technologies that can make time management and candidate sourcing much, much easier. Through these apps and social media trends, you can recruit candidates in less time, for less money, and in more innovative ways.

Don’t worry: your candidates are already waiting for you to swipe right and make the perfect match!

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