September 9, 2012

TAG Releases HRM Solution to Streamline All Employer-Related Functions

employer servicesTAG Employer Services, a leading administrative services organization (or ASO), has introduced its newest human resource management software for streamlining functions such as payroll, benefits administration, performance tracking, attendance, and HR compliance. The new web-based solution, WebPay, offers flexible reporting options and easy access to deep data. While offering a muscular web-based administrative solution, WebPay saves employers time by giving employees access to a number of the same data resources and reporting mechanisms available to HR. This ability comes thanks to the secure environment in which access takes place, rendering the need for administrative oversight unnecessary.

WebPay integrates mobile technology with time and biometrics into its robust time and performance tracking capabilities. This makes the solution especially useful to companies who employ mobile workforce teams by offering a reliable mobile management process. The whole platform is accessible from any mobile device while the time tracking function can be controlled through simple text commands from phones registered with the program. Overall, WebPay gives employers a secure environment in which to access HR, payroll, performance tracking, and an extended list of other HR functions so that they may deal with advanced scenarios beyond the scope of basic HR automation platforms. All within a single integrated package lacking the complex consolidation of independently created applications present in most solutions.

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