December 5, 2014

Talent Plus Announce Talent+Hire for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies

talent+hire for smbsTalent Plus, a leading industry partner in talent assessment, has announced a new product offering for small to medium-sized businesses called Talent+Hire.

Talent+Hire is a solution for companies who have not selected an applicant tracking systems (ATS) but desire help in selecting top talent. Talent+Hire offers the ability to put solutions together to gain optimal sourcing, selection, and hiring outcomes for small to medium-sized organizations.

With an annual subscription, Talent+Hire allows organizations access to unlimited use of Talent Plus’ online assessments, conducted on a proven platform. Clients can quickly integrate with sourcing solutions such as social job boards. This offers small to medium-sized customers the opportunity to source more people more quickly, increasing the applicant pool efficiently with top candidates.

Talent Plus Chairman Kimberly Rath said, “It is critical that we offer tools that will continue to enhance our client’s experience and that of their applicants and potential employees. The roll-out of Talent+Hire will be meaningful to small to medium-sized companies looking for robust sourcing, selection and hiring systems at a price point that is affordable and increases their footprint in their space. The competition for great talent is fierce and this gives those companies a leg up on their competitors.”

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