newsTalent Technology Corporation, a leading recruiting and HR technology focused firm, has acquired HR Integrations, LLC, providers of cloud-based HRNX. HRNX is integrable with all SaaS applications and enables integrated online workflows, removing the need for costly paper and fax processing. HRNX grants access to many HR services such as online assessments, background checks, and video interviews among others.

HRNX offers a variety of one-time integration services to all manner of HR services providers such as ATS and talent-management vendors and recruiters. The application allows service providers to deliver their services online decreasing costs for delivery and maintenance. For recruiters, HRNX is integrable with talent generation and tracking software to streamline workflow. However it is utilized, HRNX eliminates much of the manual process that job candidates are typically forced to face today.

Sarah White, founder of Sarah White & Associates LLC states, “The HR technology market is constantly changing and currently fragmented into hundreds of vendors and service providers making technology decisions difficult, expensive and risky for HR organizations to fully take advantage of the technology and services they need to hire the right people quickly and efficiently,” she continues, “The combination of the HRNX platform with Talent Technology’s strong track record of partnering in the HR technology space makes this a real win for customers, HR technology providers, and HR Services providers.”

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