news block lettersOnboarding tools and engagement survey provider TalentKeepers has announced the release of Workplace America: Employee Engagement and Retention Trends. This study of engagement involves more than 700 organizations representing small, medium, and large sized employers. Employee engagement was found to be a strategic priority for 83 percent of U.S. employers and 64 percent budget and allocate funds for engagement. However, only 23 percent calculate the financial costs of attrition and low engagement.

Job and career issues are at the root of most employee turnover. The long standing complaint of poor leadership was also eclipsed by job satisfaction and growth as the top factors for quitting; especially for younger workers. These workers desire the opportunity to learn new skills, focus their efforts on what they do best, and see their paths forward through the ranks of their companies. Factors such as these lead to an enhanced ability for organizations to retain workers and boost employee engagement.

“This year’s report shows Generation Y, the Millennials, are a catalyst to workplace changes that are only beginning,” said Craig Taylor, a Vice President at TalentKeepers and the report’s lead author. He added, “Millennials are always connected; to business apps, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and countless other digital tethers to the world around them. How employers respond will impact how engaged they become and how long they stay in one place.”


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