Leading technology company TalentWise has announced its newest venture into the automation space with the release of TalentWise Hire, a new platform that automates the hiring process from beginning to end. TalentWise Hire electronically automates all hiring activities such as applications, assessments, job offers, background testing, employment eligibility verification, tax credit, and new hire forms. Delivered via SaaS, TalentWise Hire is available on the web anytime, anywhere. TalentWise touts that its program will reduce hiring time and costs, offer a more accurate hiring process lessening compliance risks, and improving the hiring experienced for all involved parties.

“Managing the hiring process is far too complex, and HR organizations face constant pressure to reduce the time and cost to hire. We responded to our customers’ need for a single hiring solution that takes the pain out of the process, eliminates inefficiencies and ensures compliance,” said Todd Owens, President and COO, TalentWise. “We built TalentWise Hire to be flexible enough to map to an organization’s specific hiring needs, boosting HR productivity and ultimately helping HR make direct, measurable contributions to the overall success of their business.”

TalentWise Hire works in conjunction with any hiring process in any industry. TalentWise also offers a company-branded portal for candidates and new hires that works alongside the automation platform. The portal allows organizations to customize portal content which may include video, social media, question and answer sections, benefits information, training, and more.

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