blue puzzle piecesTwo 22-year-old men started a business in their parents’ garage. Now, four years later, that company has help internet businesses save a massive  2 million hours of work. HR world meet TaskUs, the company that says it’s your “secret weapon.”

The outsourcing company handles the daily “microtasks” that tend to distract businesses, giving their workers more time to focus on innovation and other responsibilities. Named the “Next Big Startup 2012″ by the New York Stock Exchange, TaskUs said many of its clients save as much as $250,000 annually by utilizing the company’s services.

“Since opening 4 years ago, TaskUs has saved internet businesses 2 million hours of work,” Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs, said. “The modern employee has more responsibilities and obligations than ever before. Our goal is to remove distractions by taking ownership of the daily microtasks that plague internal employees.”

TaskUs teamed up with financial information company BrightScope to help relieve 40 highly specialized data scientists of “mundane data processing.” The team adopted a 45-page guideline for data procedures, helping BrightScope process 45,000 401K plans.

The company also worked with, a discount/deals website, to meet the aggressive demands of their growing customer base and roster of vendors. built a team of 45 online deal specialists at TaskUs, which, according to the outsourcing company, resulted in increased productivity, improvement in efficiency and annual costs savings that allowed to invest in much needed growth initiatives.

Key services include:

  • Customer Support: inbound/outbound phone support, social media monitoring and response
  • Revenue Generation: CRM management, building lead lists with contact information
  • Big Data: data auditing and assurance quality, search relevance tuning
  • Content: text and multimedia moderation, short form original content creation
  • E-Commerce: photo editing, product affiliate and feed management

TaskUs has locations in the U.S. and the Philippines. For more information and to see the people who “roll up their sleeves and get the job done,” visit

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