tenXer logoTechnology company tenXer announced the arrival of its new personal HCM and productivity platform of the same name that will use metrics to build game-like systems to improve job performance. These game-like programs act as social motivation systems by providing leader boards and activity streams that help make employees better at what they do, no matter their field.

tenXer is primarily focused on the individual worker rather than upper management allowing employees to understand their own work performance in order to be more motivating and encouraging in improving that performance. This motivation takes the form of graphs and activity streams giving employees the opportunity to analyze their own past performance to see if their current performance is indicative of a movement toward their performance goals. Users are also able to compete with peers through the comparison of various skills on leader boards.

“We are building a platform that allows any employee to easily analyze and understand their daily work habits,” tenXer Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jeff Ma said. “We believe that this is the backbone to creating a real revolution in human capital management. In our opinion, the feedback loop at work is broken. It is too infrequent, too subjective and too opaque. Our goal is to use measurable metrics to power instantaneous, objective and transparent feedback.”

More information on the platform is available at tenXer.com.


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