asterAnalytic data-solutions provider Teradata has announced Aster SQL-H, the first software solution to offer a bridge between traditional business intelligence (BI) apps and big data stored in Hadoop. Aster SQL-H offers a much simpler approach to big data analysis than standard BI in a Hadoop Distributed File System. The app allows analysts to access and analyze text, machine data, and information from the Web that would be too complex with traditional methods.

“Business users are clamoring for more access to big data analytics, and Teradata puts this new capability directly into decision makers’ hands,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Aster SQL-H is a significant advancement for business analysts trying to utilize raw, multi-structured data in Hadoop files to develop new insights for competitive advantage.”

He continued, “Teradata’s approach is a significant new development, because it creates a transparent bridge allowing business users to dig deep into data stored in Hadoop files,” said Colin White, president, BI Research. “The benefit to customers is that they don’t have to retool their traditional BI department or staff-up a new, expensive programming team.”

“Aster SQL-H provides value on two levels. This is the first time in the industry that standard query language or SQL access can be transparently and seamlessly provided for Hadoop data,” said Tasso Arygros, co-president, Teradata Aster. “Secondly, a lot of the unique assets and advantages of the Aster MapReduce platform, including our 50-plus pre-built MapReduce analytical applications and the patented SQL-MapReduce interface are made available to analyze Hadoop data. The business value is huge – more analytics and better enterprise use of data at a fraction of the time and cost.”

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