businessman bored with laptopThe video resume is quickly becoming the thing to do. Video resumes lend candidates a chance to show off their skills, get creative and most of all, stand out. They are the new dynamic and engaging medium to get your information in front of a hiring manager or recruiter.

There are now whole websites dedicated to the creation, housing and sharing of video resumes. They are simple and fun to create, but when done incorrectly, the video resume can squash any chance of getting that call back. The following are some common missteps that can will quickly get your viewer to click the stop button.

Don’t send a video resume to someone who doesn’t want to see a video resume. Know your audience. There are certain fields and industries in which a video resume is relevant, and there are others in which a video resume makes little sense. A position that requires innovation, creativity or tech skills, would be perfect for a video resume.

The higher up you are in your industry, the less likely a video resume is the way to go. That isn’t to say that video resumes aren’t seen as professional, but there is a time and place for such leaps outside of the box. Use common sense, and consideration for your audience when making the decision to submit a video resume.

Don’t turn this into the “me” hour. Obviously your resume is all about you, but keep it relevant, short and don’t boast. The only information that should be included in a video resume is the same information that is presented in the black and white, paper version.

Then what’s the point? The point is that you can get creative with it, you can use more tools, and you more efficiently display your attitude and personality. Plus, everyone loves video.

Don’t get crazy. Just don’t go overboard. You have all of these tools to create an eye-catching resume, but that can quickly get out of hand. At the end of the day, recruiters still want to see a well-formatted and organized presentation of your professional experience. They are only looking for a few key things. These things should be presented in a clean, efficient format. If you spend hours on a motion graphic and the recruiter still doesn’t know what you do, that is a video resume fail.

Don’t be a poser. It is always the point of every resume to highlight your positives, that’s a given, but the video resume should convey you as you really are. Unless you’re applying for the position of a used car salesman, don’t get flashy, loud and obnoxious just because you’re in front of a camera. And reversely, don’t pretend to be an ultra-professional, suit-and-tie kind of guy if that’s not who you are. The beauty of the video resume is that recruiters get a snap shot of your personality, and that’s a huge part of the hiring decision. Unless you want to wind up in a company culture where you don’t belong, be yourself.

Don’t forget the basics. With all the flashy colors and transitions, don’t forget to get the meaty information in there. Again, everything that is found in the paper version of your resume should be included in the video. Recruiters don’t care that you can add music to a video; they need to know what you do, who you worked for, and how long you were there. They need a call-to-action and clearly stated ways of contacting you.

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