NewsThe green economy is picking up as The Green Job Bank has published its third report detailing the green jobs that have been created by the 10 winners of GE’s Ecomagination Home Challenge. The report states that in October and November of this year, at least 42 jobs have been posted on the companies’ websites. The Green Job Bank is a company dedicated to listing green job postings, with over 10,000 current job postings available in various disciplines including manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and software development. The website also has information on green education programs and showcases green employer profiles.

Ten companies have added jobs recently, including:

  • SunRun, adding 15 jobs
  • Hara Software, 14
  • GMZ Energy, 6
  • On Ramp Wireless, 4
  • Viridity Energy, 2
  • Ember Corporation, 1

Bernard Ferret, founder and CEO of The Green Job Bank, states, “Again, this is a positive report. New green jobs created by 6 of these 10 start-up companies show that the green economy is doing well and needs to be supported by private capital. We hope that these companies continue to do well and create more green jobs.” It was in June of this year that GE announced the 10 Ecomagination Home Challenge winners, and since then there have been 183 jobs added, bringing an increase of 30 percent when compared to 141 jobs added between June and September.

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