1-page-logo company logoThe One-Page Company recently announced that the company has built a platform designed to help corporations select the best talent at scale. The system was developed following intense research with companies including Avis, BevMo, CS Wholesale Grocers, Daikin McQuay, DirectTV, Williams-Sonoma, and The Martin P. Catherwood Library (Cornell University), to name a few.

One year after receiving its initial seed round of $1.5 million dollars, The One-Page Company began implementing an enterprise-first or “Top Down” strategy. The company said the results have demonstrated value, demand, and ability to scale.

“Before going to our Series A round, we went directly to the largest and leading enterprises in America for hiring so we could understand every major pain point in the hiring process. Our goal is to build a solution that completely overcomes all of their current hiring challenges,” 1-Page CEO Joanna Riley-Weidenmiller, said.

Features include:

  • Systemized methodology continually becomes smarter as more data is gathered and brings a ‘system of engagement’, rather than a ‘system of data’ to management and HR across the entire organization
  • Ever-evolving solution is easily adaptable and allows companies to innovate as quickly as necessary in today’s growing landscape to rapidly shift into emerging markets.

John Berisford, EVP HR from McGraw-Hill, was an early pilot tester of the tool. He said it was“the first innovation I have seen in the field of Talent Acquisition in decades.”

By raising the bar in the hiring process, 1-Page expects the best candidates to rise to the top for enterprise recruiting. The company says that its system alone will save HR departments and hiring managers time and resources.

For more information, visit www.1-page.com.

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