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The recruiting world is constantly evolving to fit the needs of companies and candidates alike. What’s in store for the hiring process this year? No one can predict the future, but our featured expert, Nicole Dessain, gets pretty close in this episode of The Recruiting Reel.

Nicole Dessain, our tentative psychic, is the founder and chief talent strategist for Talent Imperative. Talent Imperative is an organization that offers consulting, coaching, education, and insights on the subject of a company’s talent management challenges. With 14 years of experience advising HR and business leaders around the globe, Nicole is also a trained consultant and talent management thought leader. What’s more, she’s a popular public speaker who has spoken live and virtually for The Staffing Management Association of Seattle and many other associations.

So, what new trends can hiring professionals expect this year? Tune in to learn Nicole’s top three tips to help prepare your talent strategy for what’s expected to come:

What do you predict for the hiring process in the future? Share your visions with us below!

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