Technology in the hands of businessmenAs this year’s HR Technology Conference came and went, we saw some pretty amazing advances in all areas of HR and Recruiting. As I walked down isle after isle of vendor, I started to piece together my Ultimate HR Tech Tools Wish List. There were a lot of what seemed to be the same product or service, but upon closer inspection, it was the unique details of each tool that would get them added or checked off the list.

The must-haves in recruiting and HR are constantly changing, and so have the standards for HR departments around the world. The tech is getting better, more affordable and easier to use, and that bar is getting raised higher and higher. The new standard tools for HR departments of all sizes don’t exactly include all of these, but gee, wouldn’t it be nice…

Branded Video Interviewing/Screening Software

Yes, we know, been there done that. Everyone is using video interviewing software, but not every product is made equal. Some of these video interviewing software companies are taking it to a new level by adding custom branding throughout the video interview process. From the first click, through the entire interview, everything is branded.

Mobile and automation are also a must with any video interview provider. Video interviews need to be safely and easily shared and viewed via mobile device. With each step of the process, automated updates to the HR team and the candidate should be standard. Any time you can eliminate a step (or several) while improving the candidate experience and promote the brand, is a win.

An ATS with All the Bells and Whistles

Where to start?! The add-ons, upgrades and new tools to improve applicant tracking are plentiful, but these are a few of our favorite things.

That LinkedIn Button

Slowly killing the resume, LinkedIn has a new feature that allows candidates to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn Profile instead of uploading a resume. With the click of a button, candidates can forget about toiling over key words and tailoring each resume for each position. Furthermore, recruiters and employers get a more complete look at candidates through connections and endorsements.

Social Sharing

The ideal applicant tracking system would facilitate gaining greater candidate visibility through social media. This ATS would automatically post job listings on your company’s social media outlets for more coverage. This system should also be able to adapt and change with the winds of social media. That could mean adding networks, or making gathering metrics simple to improve recruiting.

Easy Integration

As business expands and new tools are introduced, a great ATS has to be adaptable to change. Whether you’re integrating your ATS with the company website, or a number of differed systems, you will probably be left saying, “There has to be a better way!” An ATS that can grow with the company and work with other moving parts is vital to the success of recruiting efforts.

Training Software That Does More Than Train

Total training management is what companies need. I’m talking automatic notification of certification expiration to all parties, automated supervisor approval to streamline communication and ensured compliance with job requirements. This TMS should not only focus on immediate training goals, but outline and track future career path competencies. No more videos and check boxes.

Truly Social Intranet

So much more than a stagnant pool of insider information like directories or forms, intranet with a strong social element can transform business. Intranet has gone social and we no longer have to work with stale data archives that quickly become outdated. Now considered collaboration platforms for the workforce, this tool empowers people to share, create, and update information quickly and easily. Informal learning is vital to the success of any organization. A truly social intranet will facilitate innovation and employee empowerment.

Tech is on every HR professional’s mind right now. These technologies drive more efficient and consistent processes, and are coveted by all. So many HR departments are running on outdated or difficult software and while we can rarely have it all…it’s nice to wish.

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