Members of The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated have released a list of the top issues they believe will impact the world of workforce management in 2015. Those top workplace trends include:

1. 2015 is when organizations will feel the impact of minimum wage law changes, Affordable Care Act Deadlines, and many other regulations. Additionally, with continued public discourse on non-exempt workers and topics surrounding a living wage, new legislation is expected to arise in the final term of the Obama Administration.

2. Research shows that employees should be seen as an asset, not a cost. Successful organizations will invest more in their workforces to increase employee engagement and create a virtuous cycle that leads to happy customers.

3. Baby Boomers will begin retiring in large numbers. As Baby Boomers exit the workplace, many Generation Xers could see increased opportunity, pay raises. Millennials will take on management positions for the first time. Talent retention and career development will be key in 2015 as organizations train new managers while working to simultaneously shrink the skills gap and hold onto the knowledge assets of a retiring workforce.

4. Organizations that have lagged behind in data analytics will take notice of big data best practices, while workforce management tools will deliver analytics for evidence-based decision making in 2015. Industry-specific solutions, visualization technology, and new applications from specialized consultation and services vendors will utilize existing workforce management data to create actionable insights.

5. Workforce management software suites and mobile platforms will continue to evolve with consumer software design concepts, including increased focus on the user experience (UX), responsive design, flat OS functionality, and drag-and-drop and touchscreen performance.

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