TheLadders logoJob-matching behemoth TheLadders has announced the release of new mobile offerings for the more than 5 million job seekers and 30,000 recruiters it regularly serves.

“The proliferation of mobile has dramatically changed the job-seeking landscape, and TheLadders is embracing this shift by announcing our device-agnostic platform,” Alexandre Douzet, CEO and co-founder of TheLadders, said. “Since launching the company a decade ago, we have re-envisioned our business with a mobile-first lens to optimize the on-the-go, job-matching experience for both job seekers and recruiters.”

In addition to making its popular web services mobile, the company also announced TheLadders Scout, a competitive-analysis tool that allows job seekers to assess their competition even before they apply for a job. Scout will present a comprehensive summary of the qualifications listed by other candidates who have applied for a particular job. This self-reported information will include five categories: years of experience, education level, areas of expertise, current title, and current salary.

“The biggest complaint among job seekers is that they apply to a job and never hear back, which creates frustration and confusion about their own qualifications and approach,” Douzet said. “TheLadders Scout eliminates this idea of a ‘black hole’ by providing previously inconceivable insight about the competition and the job seeker’s status in the job search.”

TheLadders Scout is an evolution of current efforts to bring applicants more information about a job so that they can develop an appropriate plan to differentiate themselves from other candidates for a job of interest. More information about TheLadders Scout, and the new mobile offerings, is available from Douzet’s full presentation.


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