laddersNew Study Indicates Changing Location, Occupation Leads to Job Success

In lieu of the anticipated Employment Situation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics – interrupted by the suspension of federal government services – job-matching service TheLadders released proprietary findings to help the unemployed get back to work. By analyzing the ratio of job seekers to jobs across all U.S. cities, TheLadders identified two behavioral solutions for today’s job seekers.

First, they can target locations throughout the U.S. proven to have low job-seeker-to-job ratios. In most cases, areas with high ratios of job seekers per job are within close proximity (less than 300 miles) of less competitive job markets. For example, job seekers in Miami face twice as much competition than job seekers in Orlando or Daytona Beach.

Secondly, job seekers can transfer their current expertise into less saturated occupations. By analyzing its 100 job disciplines, TheLadders drew parallels between transferable skills and concluded that job seekers in all cities have one or more fields that favor a career transition, opening doors to previously untapped opportunities.

Specific examples of viable skills-based career transitions to less competitive job functions include:

  • Sales to healthcare: business-to-business sales to pharmaceutical sales
  • Education to healthcare: educational research to biotech research & development
  • Marketing to technology: product marketing to product management

“While the monthly unemployment rate may improve slightly, the job search continues to be a long and grueling path for many frustrated job seekers,” said Shankar Mishra, vice president of data science & analytics, TheLadders. “Our nationwide study sheds light on behaviors that can help job seekers regain control over their career paths in this competitive market, offering two practical solutions that have potential to alleviate unemployment woes.”

On an ongoing basis, TheLadders conducts primary user-experience research and analyzes quantitative data provided by its more than 6 million members to educate the company about current behavioral trends in the job-search process. TheLadders uses this research to improve the customer experience and provide expert advice to the marketplace. Additional information about  TheLadders’ job-landscape study can be found on TheLadders Blog.

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