happy new year illustration with counterIn just a few more hours the new year will finally be here. From a nail-biting presidential election to the current negotiations over the looming “fiscal cliff,” 2012 has had its share of events that have affected the HR and business fields—some good, some bad.

Recruiter.com is proud to serve as a career networking and recruitment platform for job seekers and recruiters, bringing our readers the latest news, tips and advice on the HR and recruiting field. As we prepare to welcome 2013, let’s take a look back at some of Recruiter.com’s top articles of 2012:

6 Red Resume Flags for the Modern Age

Although the national unemployment rate continued to decrease this year, millions of Americans continued tweeking their resumes in hopes of landing a job. What are some of the red flags recruiters notice as they scan these resumes? Multiple layoffs, changing jobs too much, and lack of specifics were just three out of the six this article listed.

How to Turn Rejected Candidates into a Valuable Future Talent Stream

Sometimes it’s difficult for rejected applicants to gain employment with other companies, especially if the person has been rejected multiple times. So how do recruiters handle this? Some tips from the article suggested creating “almost there” and “potential future lists” to track candidates who lacked a few of the necessary skills, but may prove to be potential candidates in the future, and providing developmental feedback on interviews and candidacies.

Women are saying Goodbye

Women are voluntarily leaving the workforce and this article sought to explain why. Values and, unfortunately still in 2012, unequal pay are some of the reasons.

7 Cool Mobile Recruiting Apps

2012 was all about being mobile as more and more job seekers use their phones, tablets and other mobile devices to apply for jobs. Recruiters are coming up to speed too by hiring through mobile means. Some of 2012’s cool apps included those from Bullhorn, HireVue, and Job Speek.

The Real Reason why we Need Recruiters

This article posed the question: What is the main reason we need recruiters? The answer is “over-determined,” meaning there are multiple reasons. One reason the article gave was to have a division of labor in obtaining labor—more jobs need more workers meaning more recruiters have to handle the tasks of hiring.

Resumes, Lies and Videotape: The Danger of Resume Fibs

We all remember the shocking story this year that former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson falsified his resume. The article points out that Thompson’s resume said he possessed a Stonehill College bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science when he really had a bachelor of science in business administration with a major in accounting. The article goes on to explain the percentage of people estimated to lie on their resumes and the dangerous affects.

Don’t Bluff a Recruiter!

Recruiter Josh Hale provides recruitment similarities to poker in this fun and interesting article. One important point to note is that in both areas people must have the ability to measure the Expected Value or “EV,” which is “a predicted value of a variable, calculated as the sum of all possible values each multiplied by the probability of its occurrence.”

Start the New Year with a New Job

Jobs have been a hot topic in 2012; so, it’s only natural that a story about obtaining jobs in 2013 would make its way on the list. Want to start your new year with a new job? This article suggests you keep working even when others have taken a break from job searching, create opportunities for downtime (such as personalizing cover letters), and, of course, network!

7 Ways to Scare off a Recruiter

If you don’t want to turn a recruiter away from your resume in 2013, reread this article! Make sure to avoid costly spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before applying to positions.

The Real Reason your Employees are Leaving You

Employees leave companies for a multitude of reasons, but this article notes that some of the biggest are 1) they don’t trust you 2) your company culture sucks and 3) you’re not paying them enough.

Don’t see one of your favorite articles from this year on the list? Share it below! Happy New Year from Recruiter.com!

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