RainbowOne thing I tell every job seeker I work with is that you have to use your job search time productively. You have to find ways to proactively add skills to your resume while you’re on the hunt for a new role.

I don’t mean to say that you need to go back to school or take online classes at one of those colleges that aren’t really colleges (University of Phoenix, anyone?).

Rather, what I mean is you need to learn practical, technical skills that will be of use to your future employers. Skills like Web design, coding, or various other little things can really bolster your resume — and, thanks to the power of the Internet you, can learn a lot of these skills for free, at home, on any device you prefer.

In my work as a career consultant, I’ve talked with hundreds, if not thousands, of HR people and headhunters. Based on those conversations, I have created the following list of the most-wanted job skills – and I’ve included some tips on ways to learn these skills for free:

 The Top 5 Resume Skills You Can Learn For Free

1. Coding

Even if you can only do simple coding in a basic language, like Python, you are already way ahead of the pack. I am not a “computer person,” but I forced myself to learn how to code a few years back, and it has saved me thousands of dollars and solved countless problems in my career.

Learn it for free at: Codecademy; Code.org

2. Web Design

If you can learn to design great websites with great user experiences, you will have a major advantage in the job market — especially with smaller companies that can’t afford to hire a full-time Web designer.

Learn it for free at: UdemyLynda.com

3. Copywriting

Learning how to sell in writing is a unique and powerful skill — one that never goes out of demand.

Learn it for free at: Coursera; Freelanship

4. Data Science

Data science is the next major business innovation, and every successful company will soon need to have someone on staff who can create algorithms to draw conclusions from data.

Learn it for free at: DataCamp; Datamonkey.org

5. A Second Language

In the coming years, there will be a flood of opportunities in the international sector. Learning another language is the first step toward becoming employable outside of your native country.

Learn it for free at: Duolingo; Memrise

If you take the time to add these 5 skills to your resume, you will not only find a job more quickly, but you will also be in a position to demand a higher salary going forward.

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