HR boardAOR Technology provides centralized management solutions for HR and benefits websites that increase accessibility and communications. The company works with employer groups with their benefits, payroll, and wellness resources in order to consolidate them into a single platform accessible with a single sign-on. The platform makes critical information available on any Internet connected desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

AOR Technology’s signature client/employee benefit portals have received design and functionality boosts in the company’s recent upgrading efforts. The new portals now feature design elements such as changeable color schemes, easier menu navigation, and enhanced security controls. The platform can also now accommodate several new plugins that expand its functionality even further.

The new platform offers clients the option to create customized demonstration portals free of charge helping to differentiate brands and impress clients. All edits, changes, or additions to the platform are fully supported by AOR Technology giving users the freedom to focus on content rather than troubleshooting. The platform will be updated regularly with new features and is designed for organizations of all sizes.

“The new WordPress platform provides clients with a more impressive, better-looking, easy-to-navigate benefit portal – and it’s fully customizable to each client,” said Jeff Hill, CEO at AOR Technology.

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