integrate edge releasedInternational analytics firm Value Edge has announced the launch of the beta version of its cloud-based intelligence platform, Integrate Edge. The refined beta version provides firms with a tool to collect, store, and share competitive intelligence information. It additionally allows organizations to share in-house market insights within a single interface.

“Marketing and Intelligence functions need tools to analyze global Competitive data. Integrate Edge was designed by our Competitive Intelligence team working closely with our development partner from the pharma industry to meet these needs” said Rohit Anand, CEO, Value Edge. “The platform provides a 360 degree view of intelligence and analytics from an array of sources combed by our proprietary web mining algorithm with human analysts who curate the content and meet customized needs of our clients.”

Integrate Edge integrates with other information systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, and provides a next-gen front end data interface. The cloud-based solution features 360-degree competitive intelligence for tracking news, marketing campaigns, patent filings, social media campaigns, and intelligence from earnings calls through combined automated processes. Integrate Edge provides intelligence analysis, such as competitor timelines, competitive landscapes, and other competitive intelligence such as social media sentiment.

“Integrate Edge has been designed by professionals who come from a Competitive Intelligence background. With Integrate installed, an organization has the backbone to build strategic Early Warning Systems built on a fact based understanding of competitors and customers. Integrate is always customized for each organization including its look and feel and features. It has state of the art technology architecture in terms of its scalability and security features.”


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