blue puzzle piecesEducation technology company, Voxy, recently announced its unique approach to the employee referral scheme. The company is offering an all-expense-paid immersion trip to anyone who recommends a friend to work at Voxy—regardless of whether the referrer works for the business. The company explained that it is looking for talented engineers interested in working on game-changing, innovative technology that empowers people around the world to achieve their goals by learning English.

“Learning a new language within the context of real-world experiences is a key underpinning of Voxy’s approach – so it made sense for us to offer this reward, which reflects our mission and spirit as a company,” Gregg Carey, Voxy’s VP of People & Operations, said.

The “Fine Print”  details include:

  • Total trip expenditure not to exceed $4,000
  • Winner will have to cover any taxes
  • Referral must work at Voxy for 90 days before prize is awarded
  • No requirements to apply

Interested parties  should have their friend(s) apply through Voxy’s online job postings page, ensuring that the job seeker lists their name on the application where it says “how did you hear about this job.”

For more information on the new referral incentive, visit here.



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