What’s in an IQ?

Not much, according to a proliferation of recent studies. In fact, by some estimates, an individual’s IQ accounts for a measly 10-25 percent of their success in life.

Now, many psychologists argue that emotional intelligence – otherwise known as EQ – is what really matters when it comes to successfully navigating both life itself and the workplace.

Many employers have begun to listen to these experts, and hence we have the rising importance of things like cultural fit, soft skills, and personality traits in hiring decisions. It’s no longer enough to hire the “smartest” person – you have to hire the person who demonstrates the strongest EQ in a range of ways. From social skills to self-awareness, the many facets of EQ are proving crucial for the success of employees and their employers.

Headway Capital, providers of credit for small businesses, recently put together an interesting infographic that digs deeper into the EQ vs. IQ situation and arrives at a list of eight traits that are critical for success in any realm of life.

Employers would do well to make sure they’re using these traits as part of their criteria in making hires. Job seekers, on the other hand, should take stock of themselves with regard to these traits and, if they find themselves lacking in any way, they may want to try a little self-improvement.

Check out the full infographic below to learn about the eight things that matter more than IQ when it comes to success in life and on the job:

Success Traits

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