mongoDB connects to big data with autotag 12.5Reporting and document-generation software developer Windward has announced new tools that improve the reporting experience with MongoDB. Clients with big data stored in MongoDB databases can use AutoTag 12.5 to receive more insight into the information. Companies insert their MongoDB data into templates designed in MS Office with the new MongoDB Wizard, simplifying data selection with a click-and-drag interface.

“With more than 90% of the world’s data being created in the last two years alone, being able to access and make sense of big data has become increasingly important,” said David Thielen, Windward’s founder and CTO. “Being able to do so with a flexible MongoDB reporting tool like AutoTag is a big plus.”

Reports and documents are generated in the Windward Engine available for .NET, Java, or through the web-based Javelin server. Output from the platform can be converted into a number of formats including .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, HTML, .rtf, .xls, WordML, .txt, direct to printer, and .csv. Windward solutions also support data stored in SQL databases, XML files, Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint Lists, and REST databases.

“We use the official MongoDB Java and .NET drivers provided by the MongoDB team for best performance and reliability,” said Erik Hunter, developer at Windward. “The Windward MongoDB drivers have been designed to deviate from the JavaScript-like query language as little as possible. We even provide support for the very powerful mapReduce functionality that MongoDB exposes.”


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