winwardDocumentation specialist Windward has announced SharePoint Document Generation for document creation and management. The solution extends the capabilities of SharePoint turning it into a unified system. The three-solutions is divided into the areas of AutoTag, for the design of document templates; the Windward engine for generating documents; and the SharePoint open-source add-in called Arrow. Arrow gives end users better customization options within the default SharePoint configurations.

“It’s rare that the code for a full-blown commercial product is turned over to the end users – but that’s exactly what we did here,” said David Thielen, Windward’s founder and CTO. “We made Arrow open source so users are better able to customize it to work with their unique SharePoint setups.”

The new SharePoint system also offers an advanced scheduler which can generate and automatically run documents within an array of flexible scheduling options and timetables. Permissions may also be manually set in order to enhance security, and with the Arrow component users can tweak the code to customize tasks unique to their organization. Windward SharePoint promises significant time savings through automating the document generation process, featuring a shorter learning curve than other editing programs and requiring minimal training.

More information on Windward’s SharePoint documentation generation tools is available at

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