news block lettersAccording to Sutherland Global Services, the cloud has made work-at-home more effective and efficient for employers and employees. Not only does it enable companies to make recruiting and hiring more efficient, but also facilitates more targeted and relevant training. Sutherland Global Services’ CloudForce Division has identified three main advantages for companies with telecommuting options:

• Greater geographic reach, which is especially important for customer contact and service companies looking for new employees after their market has been drained. Work-at-home broadens the candidate pool thus increasing the ability to find the right employees.

• Work-at-home saves the costs of moving into a new market as employers build new facilities in areas with larger labor pools.

• Employers gain more flexible scheduling since most work-at-home employees prefer to work part time. This allow companies to ramp up or scale back hours worked based on anticipated volumes.

“Certain professions really lend themselves to the work-at home model, especially those organizations that are focused on delivering strong customer service,” said Dave Warner, director of work-at-home, CloudForce Division, Sutherland Global Services. “In fact, as many customer-service oriented companies strive to find great employees and recognize that those employees can be located anywhere, the work-from-home model is quickly reaching a tipping point.”

“Too many companies that have tested the work-at-home model have failed because they have tried to implement it using their traditional, brick-and-mortar processes,” added Warner. “Companies that want to maximize the benefits of work-at-home should create a separate business unit focused entirely on the new ways of hiring and working that are driven by the Cloud.”


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