next gen freelance management Work Market, a SaaS solution that helps engage and manage freelance and independent contractor workforces, has announced the launch of new features that enable enterprise organizations to identify and engage with multiple freelancers at once and manage their job performance. Major features offered in the update include: Bulk Uploader, providing the ability for companies to upload multiple assignments at once and Contact Manager, improved mapping of available freelancers against client locations.

“Each of these features was designed to further meet the specific needs of enterprises as they continue to work with freelancers and independent contractors at scale,” said John Marcontonio, Senior Product Manager at Work Market. “What we’ve seen across our 400 clients to date is that the future is not just about getting more work done, but rather about having the tools to manage the work more intelligently. With this new product release, we are further providing the enterprise with exactly what they need to optimize every stage of the freelance workforce management process.”

The launch expands upon Work Market’s Freelancer Management System Framework, which includes six key components including:

  • Find: Identifying the talent with the skills, expertise and geographic proximity to open work.
  • Verify: An organized approach for verifying skills, credentials and qualifications.
  • Engage: Assigning work to freelancers and independent contractors while tracking deadlines and deliverables.
  • Manage: Tracking and reporting against multiple freelancers and contractors in multiple locations.
  • Pay: Developing a payment engine that reduces the need for paperwork while making clear when various payments are due.
  • Rate: Creating a feedback loop with performance ratings and rankings.

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